We offer two different way to order

We want to makes you the things as easy as possible to order from Japan.
Whether you’re a casual buyer and want to buy simply one item, or you want to order many things and many times
, you can use the way to order that fit you the best.
With Onegai@Japon order from Japan never been so simple!


The most EASY way

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  • Very easy process
  • No need to speak or understand Japanese
  • We do every buying steps for you
  • No need to search where to buy product
  • No need ID verification
  • Only one payment for everything
  • Can use Paypal

💡 Ideal choice if you are a casual buyer.


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  • You can shop yourself on any Japanese Website
  • You can make multiple orders before we ship to you
  • Our Service Fee are 20% OFF
  • International Shipping Fee less expensive
  • You can accumulate Fidelity Points from Japanese Website
  • You receive Fidelity Points from us too
  • You are free to order again whenever you want
  • Can use Auction Services or buy second hand products services

💡 Ideal choice if you order regularly things from Japan.